iPhone Phone Pad

iPhone Phone Pad

Get an iPhone keypad on your PPC


  • True to the original
  • Large buttons
  • Shortcut keys
  • Portrait or landscape views


  • Don't kid yourself - it's still not an iPhone

Very good

Ever since the iPhone came onto the scene and became the coolest thing on the planet, we've seen scores of apps designed to emulate the Apple phone on other devices.

I've tested countless contact books, image viewers, and even ringtones, and now here comes a piece of kit that skins your Windows Mobile virtual keyboard to make it look like the one you'll find on the legendary iPhone.

Besides bearing an accurate aesthetic resemblance to the Apple keypad, iPhone Phone Pad brings some practical new functionality to your handheld.

For instance, the buttons are much larger than the default Windows Mobile ones, so you can use them without the need to fiddle around with the stylus.

What's more, you can view the keypad in portrait or landscape mode, depending on your preference.

Another benefit of this skin is that it includes a number of shortcut keys for one-click calling, hanging-up and contact book acccess.

While the call is in progress you can access more options, such as the ability to mute the sound or put the caller on hold.

For a taster of the iPhone's intuitive call interface on your Pocket PC, iPhone Phone Pad makes for a remarkable realistic solution.

iPhone Phone Pad in an iPhone skin for the phone pad of your Windows Mobile device, designed to make you the envy of all your friends. Please note that you have to soft reset your device in order to get the iPhone Phone Pad to work.

iPhone Phone Pad


iPhone Phone Pad

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  • by Anonymous

    skin didnt line up.
    on my phone the grid and the numbers did not line up. the grid was at the bottom correctly b...   More